My Work Experience



  • High School
    K.V A.F.S Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram
    I got my high school education from Kendriya Vidyalaya A.F.S Akkulam. I took Computer science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Computer science). This school is affiliated under CBSE. Studying in this school gave me a great base in electronics and computer science.
    I got my electronics 101 education like making circuit using breadboard, PCB designing, soldering and many more under the great guidence of my teacher, Mr Sabarigirishan. I got my computer science 101 classes languages like C++ under Mr Chandrakanth Chavda. Apart from my school education, I learned few languages like HTML and CSS using the internet.
    2012 2014
  • Bachlor's Degree (BCA)
    Christ Nagar College, Thiruvananthapuram
    This college is affiliated under Kerala University. I learned a few useful programming languages in this degree. The languages include C, C++ (with data structures), JAVA, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, HTML and CSS. But, I was more into C and Java. I had to learn android development (which I learned via the internet) for my final project. My final Project was an android application that can dynamically remap ECU using a raspberry pi. After completing my project, I knew android application development was not my thing.
    2014 2017
  • Master's Degree (MCA)
    College of Engineering Trivandrum
    This college is affiliated under KTU University. Studying in this college gave me a different level exposure and gave me new opportunities. I met the person who changed my programming life, Mr Aswin Karuvally. He showed me the importance of Linux and taught me how it worked. He also introduced me to IoT lab, CET. In that lab, I got to use boards like Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and many more. Due to the immense support of Prof. John Prakash and Prof. Syla, I could complete many projects which include both hardware and software.
    2017 2020


  • Student Faculty
    IOT Lab, CET
    This lab educates the students on IOT devices and their implementation using micro-controllers and SoC(s). The devices include arduino, raspberry pi and many more. This lab is run by Prof. Joaquim I. My role was to take seminars and workshops along with other student faculties to the students of the college.
    2017 2019
  • Intern
    Appfabs PVT LTD
    I worked as an intern at Appfabs for 5 months (During vacation). I got to learn a lot of things from Mr. Rejah Rehim, Mr. Prathap Chandran, Mr. Deepu and other members of the Appfabs team.
    2018 2018
  • Software Developer
    TechWithUs PVT LTD
    This is startup for developing products for CET and KTU. I had a major role in developing their products like ExamMarker (Fingerprint based exam authentication) and an IOT based switch that replicated the appearance of normal switch.
    2019 2020

My Interests

  • Development
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Traveling
  • Touring

My Language skills

Due to my father's transferable job, I got the chance to visit many places in India and learn new languages.

English 80/100

Hindi 75/100

Malayalam 40/100

My Technical skills

My enthusiasm for programming gave me a chance to learn many new programming languages and helped me learn new things. But, I choose only 4 languages because I choose to become a master of 4 languages rather than a Jack of all languages.

Embedded C 90/100

Python 85/100

Bash Script 75/100

JavaScript 85/100